Why I don’t do Online Training

Why i don’t do online training….

Over the past number of years and in tandem with the development of technology, ONLINE training has developed.  Online training has become a perceived ‘easy’ way to earn lots of money.

I personally got into this game for one driving reason…. coaching …  its my passion.  Interacting and creating relationships with people on the gym floor is what I enjoy most!!!  I’ve tried online training and I despised it.  Using computers more than I have to is just not me.  I love to be on my feet moving about and engaging with people – its why Custom Fitness Health & Performance Training Facility exists.  The gym floor is where I love to be! I love working with clients, training performance athletes and coaching classes.  The interaction you get in all these sessions is ace. Reacting to whats happening in front of you simply cannot be replicated or replaced via computers.  A fundamental reason why this industry although is continually evolving will never die out.

It’s often the case that the lesson learnt when trying something different is to clarify and cement what your ‘why’ is and the ‘how’ it happens.

Is online training systematic of something more?

I 100% accept technology is here to stay (as i sit working on my mac with my I-phone near by…). It doesn’t mean that I like using it.  If I had the choice to go back to the ‘old-days’ I think I would happily stick to pen and paper.  The only draw back is the all the disclaimers, programs, and other documentation that takes up a lot of space.

The electronic age has enabled many problems to be solved.  With time efficient devices to help get tasks done in a fraction of the time. Its also created as many problems as it solves.  In one aspect you have saved time and money….which ideally then frees you up to do more cool stuff…. the stuff I love to do, but then equally if not more, it creates problems and bigger costs in other areas. Software thats is about as user friendly as a chocolate fire pot has in the past made me want to throw my laptop out the window!!!

Generically, the internet has enabled a monumental amount of information to be available.  Which in its own way is ace, but have evolved a newish role of the coach to clarify the facts from all the BS online…and certainly for this industry there is a huge amount of it flying around.

Sitting down in front of a computer sucks.  When I have sat for prolonged periods of time (in this job and previous ones), I tend to start to get neck ache and lower back pain.  In the morning I would shuffle around for a bit before I loosen up.  Its down to having my head in a project that has engulfed me, and accept that even doing the love I absolutely love, there are always crappy bits. The key is that as I know my ‘why’ its less crappy that could be.  This (the aches and pains) is especially true if for some reason (like surgery and opening a new gym) means my training has gone kaput!  Safe to say now I am coaching more (ace), on the gym floor more (ace again) and training  again (ace x3) all the niggles and aches have all buggered off!

So as much as you’ll find me sat at my desk getting the essential work done to keep the business running…it will be to support the stuff I love to do – coaching face to face on the gym floor – that will ALWAYS take priority for me.

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