what gets tracked gets done!

I use a training dairy to record all the training sessions I complete….

the strength sessions

the sports massages

the conditioning sessions

the runs

and all the other stuff (training related)



When I track my training, I know what I’ve achieve in each sessions, each week, each month, each block of training.

I am able to progress every session, and plan when to push and when to ease off the throttle.

This allows me to keep my training progression without wiping myself out physically or mentally…

running CF is a full on job, and with fun things like GDPR to sort out and the pleasures of other things, I don’t want to totally smoke myself every session.

BALANCE, ENJOYMENT and PROGRESS are what I look for….

There was a time when I was fed up of fitness….

the pressure I put myself under was huge, and i lost what it was about this professions that i loved.

My training diary is a tool that I find really helps me to monitor my training session by session and block by block.

Im a able to reflect on past sessions and see progress, and ive talked about the importance of looking back and seeing what you have achieved…how far you have come.

So 2018….using my diary I know I have:

  • dropped just under 10kg (22lbs)
  • increase my back squat by 30kg
  • increase my yoke carry by 40kg
  • increased my axil bar C&P by 45kg


  • i can now run 10k pain free

so progress towards my longer term goals is being made.

these key principles of balance, enjoyment and progress are core pillars in my training and I in-still them in all my clients training too. 

No one will train long term if they hate it, and whilst there are smaller/shorter term goals to hit along the way, fitness, health and perfromance (relative to you) show be part of your life, just just for when you have a holiday in 2 weeks time.

Longer term investment will always pay off dividends to the short term gimmicks, and at raining diary is a excellent tool to use.

So much so that we have these 12 week diaries for our clients…. 😀

If you are looking to achieve results, enjoy the process, and make your long term health a priority then maybe the CF 30-day trial is a great starting point for you…..

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