THRIVE – 9 week Nutrition Program


THRIVE is an 9 week programme designed to get you amazing results for both your body and mind.  You can expect:

  • your energy levels to ramp up
  • your relationship with food to improve
  • to gain a greater understanding of nutrition
  • to become more mindful about your nutrition choices so you can enjoy your life again!

Our expert coaching team has the knowledge to ensure your diet compliments your lifestyle without the need for fad diets or cutting out the foods you enjoy.

Working around time and family commitments, as well as dietary preferences and routines is key for success.  As part of this eight-week nutrition journey, we will ascertain information such as your basic metabolic rate and average calorie expenditure to ensure you achieve the results your commitment deserves! 

We have been there, we understand the emotional and physical barriers that present themselves when we try to regain control of our diets and ultimately our lives.  Let us use this insight to help you change your habits and attitude towards food once and for all

Many of us thrive in a group environment where we feel supported by others.  Weight loss and/or body transformation can feel very lonely!  The Thrive programme will therefore comprise of an interactive 9-week educational nutrition course alongside personalised coaching at Custom Fitness.

You will benefit from hands on tasks and will be educated on the science behind weight management and nutrition without being overwhelmed, which can so often be the case when you flick the next page of your wellbeing magazine!

Whilst weight loss in itself is simple, create a calorie deficit, we understand that human behaviour and experience complicates this somewhat.  We will therefore teach you how structure your nutrition so you can achieve a healthy diet without sacrificing the foods you enjoy – we will show you how to be flexible so you have the headspace to love life again.

It is a proven programme, the results below speak for themselves.  We will not give you a generic, cookie cutter plan, you will learn how to regain control in an enjoyable AND SUSTAINABLE way. 

The workshops are split into 9 weeks each with a different topic that is directly linked to your success!

You will be shown how to analyse your own body so you can effectively track your own progress without relying solely on the ‘sad step’.


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What you get for your 3 x £99

9 WEEKS OF NUTRITIONAL COACHING: This is the CORE of the program.  For the duration of the program you will get coached on your nutrition – Education, Planning, Implementation and Accountability.  Tailored specifically to you so that you can learn how make nutrition work for you regardless of your goal..

WEEKLY EDUCATION SESSIONS: Every week we will have a workshop that covers a specific topic to underpin your nutrition awareness.  Not only will this improve your understanding of food, you will begin to appreciate the additional factors that impact your diet and therefore your weight and body composition. These sessions will empower you to make informed lifestyle decisions and food choices that lead to you feeling more energetic, in control, and happier in yourself.

MONITORING PROGRESS: It is quite simple, if you fail to measure things consistently, you will never know if you are progressing.  Likewise, if you only judge your success through one method, i.e. the scales, you are unlikely to see the bigger picture!

We will therefore use a variety of measures to get a much more accurate gauge of just how well you ARE doing!  These will be monitored weekly and feedback provided

PRIVATE FACEBOOK COMMUNITY: Unlimited 24/7 access to the private, members only ‘Custom Fitness THRIVE’ Facebook group. You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions, share ideas and talk with the other course participants and coach.  This is where we run Q&A sessions and accountability check-ins

ACCESS TO OUR GROUP TRAINING SESSIONSTo support your nutrition coaching, you get full access to our SGPT(8) membership for the duration of the program.  This is £312.75 on its own for the 9 weeks.

RECIPES AND RESOURCES:  To support you along the way, you will be provided with resources and recipes.  This will be tailored to meet the needs of the group but will usually include example food plans, shopping list guides, weekly planners etc.  This will support your journey and help you break your overarching goal into bite size pieces.




WHY DID YOU DO THE COURSE? I wanted to focus on ‘me’ for a bit…

WORRIES – Not being able to do it/stick to it. Cost – but think its great value for money!

RESULTS? Sleep better, more energy, happier, more toned, reduced body fat, wear clothes that couldn’t fit into…. I have a much better understanding of nutrition, I don’t have scales! OMG…where do I start?! Everything has changed. Mind-set, body and outlook…That healthy food can be fun….enjoy food, enjoy exercise I’m not sure if I hit my original target, and to be honest I don’t really care as I have got so much more out of the course. I understand my body, moods and hormones better… not to beat myself up if I cant get to training. I’ve learnt I need a good balance of rest, eating, and training to keep me healthy.

HOW HAVE RESULTS POSITIVLY IMPACTED YOUR LIFE? How haven’t they!…Self esteem biggest positive change, and I finally believe in myself” ‘It’s been an amazing 8-weeks and took me completely by surprise!’ ‘…you’ve just helped to put the last piece of the jigsaw back together…’

RECOMMEND IT? Yes – because it works…’ ‘Yes – it makes sense of relationship between food/exercise/mind’ ‘Yes- especially to all the people who say they cant lose weight!’


THRIVE has changed my outlook – on food, health and well being. My nutrition is now more in the centre of my focus, which benefits my family as well as me. I am most thankful, however, that I have had an opportunity to concentrate on me given the hectic year I have had. I hadn’t realised until reflecting on this course that I was so desperately in need of that and am truly grateful.

The benefits are amazing: –
– More energy
– More quality & less interrupted sleep – Feel stronger 
– Am more toned / leaner 
– increased muscle mass 
– Feel healthier (avoided the colds etc. from the family!)
– Loss of body fat – Increased water intake means I am more hydrated 
– More creative with foods for the whole family
– Now eating some foods which I previously would not eat 
– Am well on the way to kicking my sugar habit!
– New addiction to natural yoghurt & hot lemon water!
– Loss of 15 years in my metabolic age (in the dodgy body MOT test at work but love the stat too much not to use it!!)
– Therefore I am happier as a result!  

All my goals were achieved; except for doing the plank & wall sit on every day I didn’t train- only managed some! BUT most of all THRIVE has reminded me that my nutrition & sensible levels of all body training (not just spinning!) are really important to getting the balance right. I don’t use facebook like most but I did feel compelled to post something for all my mum friends…and wanted to share it with you too! 

By eating whole foods, having more protein, drinking more water, having limited alcohol, sleeping more, & training, I am now more energised, am sleeping better & leaner (am wearing pre-baby clothes!). 

I can highly recommend taking some time out of daily-chaos to do this & today feels an appropriate day to share my thoughts!

If you implement everything that I teach you within your first 30 days of joining the THRIVE program and it somehow DOESN’T work for you? Just return your resource pack, let me know the situation, and I will refund you every single penny of your money. 

This isn’t just a ‘guarantee’, it’s my personal PROMISE to you.

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