Testimonial – Christy

My journey with Custom Fitness started in 2014 with a 30 day trial. I had a go at a little bit of everything and was hooked from the first session. In January 2016 the sports team I was part of created a partnership with CF and a weekly session was established.  Then in October 2016 I saw an advertisement for the Body Transformation Programme – at this point I had retired from the sport I played, had lost my fitness mojo and had a serious loss of my sense of identity having played a team sport for so long and then going to nothing. In the words of Nike, I thought ‘Just do it’ so I applied and the results over a 10 week period were incredible.

These noticeable results have become a real driving force for me but it’s not just that that has me hooked on the place which is now a regular fixture in my daily routine! Custom Fitness has a real sense of community; it is a gym like no other I have been to. The CF ethos helps to create an environment that sparks a sense of identity and therefore a belonging. It’s a positive, encouraging, team atmosphere. I have never once felt like I did not want to go to a session, I’m normally trying to work out how I can fit more sessions into my week. Walk in and you are welcomed by name and met with an abundance of hellos and smiles from like-minded people ready to encourage, challenge, motivate and inspire you to be the best version of yourself with everyone celebrating each other’s successes.

I have learnt so much already from my time at CF and so much more than just how to ‘work out’. Going to sessions is just one piece o f the jigsaw puzzle that is CF. The behind the scenes, off the gym floor knowledge and expertise that is shared is invaluable. All this support from the CF team has enabled me to establish sustainable, life-long, healthy habits both physically and mentally. A shift in mindset now means I have a healthier, more positive relationship with food, and knowledge of how to nutritionally fuel my body to get the results I want. I have been supported in establishing daily routines, from writing down three wins each day to developing an effective sleep routine.

When you join the Custom Fitness community you are assigned a key coach. A key coach is like having another person fighting your corner with you – pushing you, challenging you, making you accountable but also encouraging you and celebrating with you. My key coach knows my triggers, what makes me tick and what motivates me and uses these in just the right way to ensure that I am able to meet my personal goals. I pride myself in being a strong (in all senses of the word) and independent individual and CF nurtures and empowers this. 

Still thinking ‘Is this for me?’ I say just go for it! I can guarantee you will get more from it that what your initial goals are. If you trust the process, follow the principles and are honest and open about what you want to achieve, you will get the results you want and a whole heap more!

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