In today’s post I hope to show that often, simplicity is the key to achievement.

I had a great discussion with one of my fellow CF coaching crew yesterday and the upshot of it was that as humans we always seem to be looking for the ‘NEXT’ thing that will get you the best result yesterday….

Its ironic, as when having a discussion with one of my other coaches last week it covered this same topic.  In this conversation we referred to Dan John and some of his classic works.  For those who have not read some of Dan’s work you have missed out!

We discussed Dan’s Mass Made Simple – its a brilliant name for this program. Quite frankly some of the sessions in this program are brutal (if you do them correctly). Assuming you do follow them as planned out and follow the program guess what – you build mass!!!  The topic them went onto how because it may appear simple that the program is second guessed. Questions like ‘is it that simple?’ and ‘there must be a quicker/better way?’ appear.

With the availability of information via good old google its not difficult to find millions of articles/programs/this and that which all ‘guarantee’ X result.

The key points that we agreed on were that simple DOESN’T necessarily mean EASY, and to follow a plan THROUGH is far better than to continually chopping and changing with a end result of no change.  Science and an element of common sense will stand the test of time with what works….WHY? because it has worked.  the good old Barbell, Kettlebells, Strongman stuff Kit – its been around for a bloody long time and why? – used correctly they have repeatedly delivered results for more years than I have had hot dinners!

I reflected some of the simplicity in my own training this past week where I used 3 bits of kit –

  • Ski erg
  • Dog Sled
  • Prowler

In 45 mins I was a a sweaty mess struggling to walk correctly.

For the majority of people who are looking at getting fitter, losing a bit of weight and/or getting a bit stronger, keeping things simple and building repetition in are the foundations to getting where you want to be.  Even at an elite level the basics are still applied, but with a greater level of fine tuning.

Its ironic really, as if people stuck to the training plan from day one, followed the process from start to finish, they would achieve far greater results and not waste time ‘looking’ for the next MAGIC PILL whist achieving nothing.

I can hand on my heart say in the past I have been guilty of this…..and with reflection and a greater level of knowledge and experience I can look back and see this.  Im currently not in a position to train lots, so I set myself a target of 3 sessions minimum and I keep it simple.  Each week I will squat, push stuff, carry stuff, pull stuff, press stuff and pick stuff up.   I mix it up to keep me focused and I like the variety.  There is no end goal for me ATM, simple to get a good sweat on, move my body through large ROMS’s under a load.

End result – I don’t get back pain, I feel energetic and motivated and I have a reasonable base level of fitness.

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