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The Learn 2 Lift program is a 9-week course that comprises education, coaching and support to develop your lifting, movement and training capabilities.

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On the Learn 2 Lift Course you will get to work with experienced CF Coaches within a closed group training environment.

You will get homework and a resource pack that will be added to throughout the course.



The Learn 2 Lift course consists of the following:

  • Educational lessons where core lifts are addressed to teach strong lifting technique, appropriate warm ups and preparation drills, and common mistakes. These will be Tuesday 19.00-20.00.
  • Weekly group training sessions for L2L people only to practice what is covered in the education session.  For these session a CF coach will be available.
  • Private Facebook Group membership for L2L people ONLY.
  • Example Training plans to follow/try.
  • 24/7 email & text support for any questions you get along the way.
  • Course E-Manuals covering Squatting, Deadlifting, the Core and the basics of Pushing & Pulling.
  • Will address the difference between size and strength and the training continimum.
  • A brief overview of other topics that commonly arise – supplementation, equipment and recovery.
  • Access to all Custom Fitness classes and the gym.
  • How the basics of human movement can be applied to powerlifting/strongman training.

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Places are limited to allow for a lower coach to participant ratio.

Start date Tuesday 5th April, 2016.

Total cost is £250.

Early Bird (deposit paid before 1st April) £200.

Plus for those who participate in this course a special bonus will be presented during the course…


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when is your next learn to lift course??
is the course gender persific?? if not do you do ladies courses?
and what is the cost of your gym membership?

Dear Dave
ive only just seen this !!!! and im unable to find my Pinged email😂 could i possibly trouble you for a copy of that email👍

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