Lets talk Nutrition

Lets talk nutrition…..

Its one of the more common things we get quizzed about when people join.


Well the training element when you’re a CF member is pretty straight forward.

WE do a lot of the hard work for you….

the planing

the progression/regression

the adaptations

you just have to turn up 3-5 time a week and get on with it

and considering EVERY session is coached

and you’re not left to dick about 

thats that part done.

The harder bit – because there is SOOOOO much conflicting stuff out there is nutrition


Nutrition is like TRAINING in that there are PRINCIPLES

apply them to you….

add some consistency 

and BOOM!!!! 

you get a result!


If you want to lose weight – you need to be in a calorie deficit …… PERIOD

HOW you hit that deficit is up to you…

If you want to gain weight then its the opposite – you need to be in calorie surplus …. PERIOD



million dollar question is now coming up……

What is it about nutrition do YOU struggle with????


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