Kettlebell Swing

The kettlebell swing is an explosive lower body exercise. It involves a hip hinge similar to the deadlift. The kettlebell swing builds a strong lower back, glutes and hamstrings and develops your grip. When performed for high reps it is a killer conditioning exercise that will leave your breathless. If done for lower reps, it is a fantastic movement to build explosive power.  It’s also has an awesome corrective/posture benefit through extending and loosening up the hips as well as strengthening the lower back and gluts.

Exercise Steps

1.  Assume a shoulder width stance with a kettlebell several feet in front of your body.s

2.  Drive your butt back while keeping your shins close to vertical and reaching forward for the kettlebell with your arms.

3.  Pull the kettlebell back towards your pelvis whilst keep your chest up and spine long.

4.  Stand up explosively and exhale. Think of driving through with hips, squeezing your bum and driving through your heels. Don’t worry about the height of the KB to start with.  

5.  Hike the kettlebell back towards your pelvis and allow gravity to help you ‘swing’ the kettlebell back between the legs. 

6. Stand up again explosively/drive hips through for as many repetitions as desired. 



To begin with, focus on building your technique and then consistency.  Look to more sets with lower reps to start, and then build you volume/load. 

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