Custom Fitness year in review – the final quarter.

So here we are…. the final quarter of 2018.

OCTOBER – October started off with a  post about why where you train matters. You can read that HERE.

Our Member of the Month was Sally who really ramped up her training and commitment and consistency. October also saw CF boss Dave & CF members Karen & Laura(+ Laura’s fella) complete the Spartan Trifecta by running the ‘beast’ in Windsor. 

We also started to share more of the success stories and quote form our amazing members….. whilst it’s easy to get caught up in the day to day stuff, its important to continually celebrate the many  positives that CF has brought to members. Check out some by going on our Facebook Page

NOVEMBER – Our Member of the Month was Nell.   You can see a video of Nell smashing a massive new PB in her deadlift HERE.

DECEMBER – our Member of the Month was Michelle. Finding her ‘why’ has really made a massive difference to her approach to training. We held our Custom Fitness winter Games & social. After a fun day of friendly competition, tea drinking and cake eating, we descended to Bar Unico.

The final thing of December was the start of our behind the scenes with Kayley. Following her progress, the how’s and why’s and the reality of what working with a client is like.  You can check out each post…

So 2018…..nearly in the bag!

Lets see what 2019 brings….

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