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Custom Fitness 2018 a year in review….part 1

2018 review….the first quarter.

JANUARY – the year started off with a few members joining Dave for a run around Hartsholme Park – a sign of things to come for Dave…running!

We showed that age is just a number and not an excuse with Margaret working on her DL technique….(18/01/18) and Margaret is still lifting strong!


Jan also saw the start out series of myth busting videos that Lisa and Dave did to address a number of the topics that create confusion in regards to nutrition. You can see how natural Dave is on camera here! 

The month fished on a massive high with these kind words a member posted….

FEBRUARY – Our first year completed in CF mk 2….a big milestone for us!

We hosted our first ever KB competition – run by the team at Grass root KBs.  CF members Kayley, Karen, plus CF coach Dave + Lisa took part.  They were amazingly supported  by other CF members.  

Plus cake Wednesdays….it’s and thing and it kicked off big style with Gemma, Kayley, Christy leading from the front!

MARCH – This was a big month for member achievements. Shel completed the London sights 1/2 marathon.  A key point in her prep for the London marathon. Diane had recently got into running and  she completed the Clumber 10k.  Both fantastic achievements!

March was also the month for one our most popular myth busting videos…. Gluten.  You can watch it HERE

NEXT up…..Quarter 2 – APRIL-JUNE.

More amazing members achieving more amazing stuff…..and possible more cake! 


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