Body Shapes

CF Coach Shane, has put pen to paper for this read regarding body shapes.

Read it and think, which one are you? Or are you a mixture?

Starting your fitness journey can be stressful with various questions that will arise before you even consider starting your journey…

– How should I train?

– Where do I train?

– What do I eat?

– When is good to eat?

Although being a trainer myself I will be biased towards seeking professional help before you start, it’s usually a good idea that you do. I wouldn’t attempt to plumb a dishwasher in because I have no idea what I’m doing and it would 100% end in disaster, so I have two options… Seek professional help and get it done correctly OR continue to let the misses wash the dishes and leave food on the plates from the night before! J

Without complicating the situation with all the above questions, lets strip it back to the basics.

You NEED to understand what your body can and can’t do, you’ve had long enough living inside it to know where you gain weight, where you lose weight, injury restriction etc. Usually speaking, when you know everything you need to know about yourself that’s when you can answer the original questions about getting your training started.

Without boring you with scientific formulas and confusing you with every little detail (which can aid your fitness journey when you hit that inevitable plateau), let’s take a look at YOUR body shape!



Usually very slim and tall, both sexes can resemble the ‘skinny fat’ look and have weaker muscle tone. Typically speaking your metabolism runs faster than most and your what’s called a ‘hardgainer’ and because of this, when training you may wonder why training regularly for 1 month hasn’t resulted in a body worthy of a podium finish or magazine front cover!

For you ectomorph’s its all about getting that diet and training right, if muscle gain or toning is what you’re looking to achieve, try cutting back on the endurance cardio and look to weight training as your new ‘go-to’ (Strong Circuits or Modified Strongman classes are advisable for you at Custom Fitness). Calorie intake is a big one for you, you must give your body the building blocks to generate muscle growth and by doing

This you must take in calories by the plenty. A tip of mine would be to eat before bed; this will prevent muscle catabolism during your sleep.


Usually smaller in height and very broad you Endomorph’s are naturally quite strong but without the correcting nutritional guide and training plan you can potentially carry a lot more body fat. This is usually due to a slower working metabolism. Unlike the ectomorph, muscle gain comes to you a lot easier unfortunately so does fat, so getting that athletic look isn’t always easy.

If weight loss is your goal, you will most likely have to ramp up your cardio in a bid to strip the body fat required to achieve your ‘beach bod’ typically your calorie intake will be relatively high so making sure your working at a deficit (expel more than you eat) over time, SHOULD get you to where you want to be. When it comes to classes you might want to go for HIIT and bootcamp slightly more than you may already want too, however DO NOT cut out the weight training, a well rounded training plan is the way forward for an endomorph.

A tip of mine would be to focus on low-glycemic carb foods, those that have less of an effect on your blood sugar levels so your level remains steady.


Visually you will adopt an athletic build. Your body type will sit in between that of the ectomorph & endomorph. Given your athletic build you will also find it easier to maintain if training and eating correctly. Like any body type, without guidance or a training program you mesomorph’s can gain a lot easier than the ectomorph’s so if you’re not watching what you eat this is likely to result in higher body fat % readings. On the flip side, with the correct training program muscle gain is typically achieved easier than an ectomorph and body fat stripping is usually achieved easier than the endomorph. When it comes to training a combination of cardio and weight training should keep you maintaining, obviously if you want to gain or strip you will need to make changes to both cardio and weight training accordingly.

Tip for you mesomorphs would be to balance your macronutrients in your nutritional plan 40% carbs, 30% protein and 30% fats would be a good place to start. Keep those sugary foods in check!


Like all body shapes, it’s in your genes! Don’t sulk about it; use it to your advantage… knowledge is power, if you’re aware of your body shape and how best to achieve your goals before you’ve even finished tying your gym trainers then your onto a winner. Take control of your own body and make the most of the precious spare time we have to focus on our own health these days by choosing what’s right for YOU.

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