Why Diets Suck…..

Why diets suck….

Before Christmas I was invited to join the breakfast show on BBC radio Lincolnshire to talk about intermittent fasting and in particular the 5:2 diet.  My opinion of the 5:2 ‘diet’ is that it sucks, why? It’s a diet!!!

The psychology of a diet means that you are making a temporary change when you are ‘on’ a diet, and that eventually you will come off the ‘diet’ and go back to eating habits of before.  This leads to the adage of yoyo dieting where you lose weight, go back to your old eating habits and then actually become heavier/fatter than when you started.

You then have a new goal of your initial starting weight/size.  This then can become a vicious circle with no clear end.  There are a number of factors here that need to be addressed her but the biggest is to find fact in amongst all the myth that is published in the media.

So many time I hear, ‘I have read this…. it must be true’ when in reality it not, or its been taken out of context.  As soon as the person/company stops caring about the information they present and focuses on their bottom line half-truths and misquotes start to appear.

To take a step back, the biggest reason people go on a diet is to lose weight, although it’s not the only reason.  Is this good? No, but it all depends on the individual.  Society continually bombards us with the weigh loss aspect, but when I sit down with individuals and discuss with them the specifics of what they want, it very rarely is weight loss they are after.

In reality the biggest training goals are to lose body fat/improve health.  They go hand in hand and to achieve one without the other is doomed to fail long term.

A point to consider is when you look at a picture of an athlete, model, or celebrity do you actually think ‘I want to weigh the same as them’ or ‘I want to have a body that LOOKS like theirs…’ more often it’s the second statement.

The reality is that to alter your body composition/improve health, or any other training goal requires change.  Not necessarily massive amounts but change none the less.

If you are not prepared to make a change or changes then stop whining about how much you are unhappy with yourself.  Habits need to be set that alter calorie intake, activity levels and lifestyle in a positive manor related to the individual and the specific training goal.

Without address all 3 aspects the chance of success is drastically reduced.